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Newington Technology Park, Office 17, 8 Avenue of the Americas , Newington NSW 2127
Accounting, tax and GST Registered Tax Agent (No. 78992001) Superannuation fund services Book keeping Business advisors and consultants Welcome to the Antony Syndicate, a registered incorporated Chartered Accountancy and Business Consulting Practice. The Antony Syndicate services the accounting, GST, tax, and financial needs of business organisations, their employees and investors. We focus on accountancy excellence, taxation, management consulting, business advice, profit performance, wealth protection and contract treasury operations. The Antony Syndicate will assess your needs and provide the appropriate experts to get the job done properly, the first time, on time, and on budget. Our Firm principal, Mr Mark Guest, is a practicing Australian registered Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent. His areas of expertise are accountancy, tax and consulting to businesses, property owners and superannuation funds. Mark is an experienced business advisor and operator, with a proven track record. His philosophy is to make his clients successful, this being best way to ensure an ongoing and profitable relationship. Mark Guest and the Antony Syndicate have specialist expertise in the following areas: Personal taxation; Investment and Finance; Electricity, Hydro and Solar Energy; Manufacturing and Distribution; Civil Construction and Mining; Primary Production; Superannuation; Commercial and Residential Property; Wealth Security; Corporate and Trust Structure; Consultng; and Not-for-profit Activities. Mark is currently assisting a number of successful organisations and he controls the treasury operations of a number of significant corporations. References are available on request. Email
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